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Our Story

MVK Scarf was born from the dream of an entrepreneur who was encouraged, in her childhood, watching her paternal uncle work with precious and semi-precious stones, noble metals and her father working with the manual production of leather accessories and, her mother, who already handcrafted the family’s clothes. All this family history forged her entrepreneurial spirit, and her professional desire to create, develop, produce and sell accessories, that would enchant her clients for having the same satisfaction to buy that a company has to sell.
And the materialization of this dream came with the range of accessories MVK Scarf, which, in addition to quality excellence, brings different characteristics according to its business mission, that believes in a style that frees women from the bonds of right or wrong and for that they can have accessories that match easily with diverse styles, with contemporary creations but always with a vintage and royal touch, and despite the cyclical trends and its nuances the focus is to see women always as princesses or queens.


More than scarfs


Hand-crafted accesories

For that reason, MVK Scarf accessories are designed and hand-crafted, mostly, in our studio in Maryland where the company’s head office is also located. We maintain our commitment to getting local materials and labor, helping to generate jobs, but always looking for the best and beautiful in the world, especially from South America, that encompass our range of products, and when purchasing from abroad we acquired from artisans with the best practices and that supports their communities, aiming at a politically correct business performance thus giving back to all our globalized society.